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Athlete Spotlight: Jacqueline Moyer

There is no off-season for Jacqueline Moyer.

"I play the full year," said the North Augusta High School junior, a multitalented athlete. "I never get a break."

She's now practicing with the volleyball team, which starts its season Aug. 30.

After volleyball, it's time for basketball.

"They (the basketball team) are (doing) conditioning (drills) during volleyball. I go straight to basketball," she said.

After basketball season is over, it's time for softball.

When school is out for the summer, Jacqueline picks up the basketball once again and plays for the Carolina Elite.

Jacqueline said she always has loved sports.

"My mom wanted me to be a cheerleader. I refused; I was going into sports," she said.

Her first love is basketball. She plays guard and forward on the North Augusta team.

"I like going out on the floor and competing. I just love it," she said.

An interesting twist in her basketball career occurred during the summer. She was a member of a North Augusta team that played in the Women's Nike Nationals.

"One of the teams (that was to be in the Nike tournament) got into a wreck" and was forced to withdraw from the event, she said. A North Augusta team was hastily formed to fill the opening.

After a couple of hours of practice, the team played in the national tournament.

"We didn't do that good," she acknowledged.

She's been playing volleyball since seventh grade. The coach at Paul Knox Middle School said she saw natural athletic ability in her and asked her to try out.

Volleyball, with its spiking and hitting, is a good way to get aggression out, she said.

Jacqueline's high school volleyball coach, Chris Emerling, said that she is a "really good athlete. She has no idea how good she is.''

Mr. Emerling helped with the high school's softball team last year. Jacqueline came straight to softball from basketball, and "she was killing the ball," he said.

Jacqueline would like to continue with sports through college.

"Basketball is my No. 1 option," she said. "I'd love to go to a big college like South Carolina or the University of Georgia, some Division I school."

She said she plants to major in pre-medicine in college.

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