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Taylor's son faces DUI charge in fatal wreck

ATLANTA - Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor's 21-year-old son was behind the wheel of a sport utility vehicle that crashed into a retaining wall on an interstate highway near Charleston, S.C., late Thursday, flipped and killed a passenger, police said.

A report made public Friday by the Charleston Police Department said Fletcher Taylor had "glassy and bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and ... a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath" after the wreck.

He was charged with felony driving under the influence.

Mr. Taylor, a Democrat, has been lieutenant governor since 1998. He has announced plans to seek the Democratic nomination to challenge Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue next year.

The victim, Joseph Victor Gennert, 22, of Charleston, was pinned beneath the 2000 Lincoln Navigator, which was registered to the younger Mr. Taylor, the report said.

Kudzu is going to get Peachtree City's goat

PEACHTREE CITY - City officials have pledged to spend up to $10,000 to bring in goats to eat kudzu.

Officials have identified three areas of about 2 acres where the goats will feast behind fencing next spring.

The city is trying goats because it is believed they will be cheaper than using chemicals to fight kudzu, an ever-expanding vine considered a pest in much of the South.

Councilman gets boot after investigation

ALPHARETTA - The City Council voted 6-0 early Friday morning to eject Councilman R.J. Kurey, accusing him of abusive behavior and misusing public funds.

The vote came after attorney David Monde gave a presentation about his investigation of Mr. Kurey.

In a report nearly 70 pages long, Mr. Monde said Mr. Kurey should be removed because of evidence of threatening and abusive behavior toward employees and the public, misuse of public funds, and inaccurate and possibly illegal campaign finance reports.

In his report, Mr. Monde found that Mr. Kurey showed a pattern of abusive behavior and misconduct that went back nearly a decade.

Mr. Kurey is accused of filing expense reports for trips on which he conducted no official business, accusing city officials of providing poor fire service even though he had information to the contrary, and of reading employee medical records he did not have permission to view.


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