Originally created 08/20/05

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

PLEASE CHECK YOUR facts before you quote the Columbia County Board of Education as authorities. Most of the colleges in Georgia do accept the ACT as well as the SAT. Students can check the college Web sites to determine which test the colleges accept.

EVERY TIME Marion WILLIAMS opens his mouth, property values rise in Columbia County.

THIS IS IN REGARDS TO the revolting excuse for a mother that allowed a puppy to chew off her 2-month-old baby's foot. Ma'am, there is not punishment good enough for you, except allowing a pit bull to chew off your foot. It is even more revolting that her family can only focus on the fact that no one let "mommy dearest" say goodbye to her mauled baby.

SO MUCH FOR SLOWING down the drivers on Bobby Jones Expressway. ... I was driving there Wednesday around 5 p.m. in the right lane going 60 mph. ... Everybody passed me like I was sitting still. The $600 tickets may not be the cure, and I wonder if these people are paying for these tickets.

THREE RAVES FOR CLINT Smith's letter to the editor in the Aug. 18 Chronicle headed "Show national anthem due respect." Our anthem should be treated with the same respect our national emblem is, which is to sing it in a proper way. We would never desecrate our flag like some performers goober up our national anthem.

THIS IS A RANT ABOUT the lack of leadership in Richmond County. With all the information about the terrible conditions at the Law Enforcement Center and the need to replace the building, I have been amazed that no leader has stood up and promised the taxpayers that it won't happen again. Why isn't some leader saying that project quality controls will be put in place to assure that a new building will be built right? Why would taxpayers approve another SPLOST when leaders won't commit to spend the funds wisely? Doesn't someone have the courage to take a stand?

THIS IS A RANT FOR ARUBA and the way they have botched the Natalie Holloway case, and also to the parents who can't say no to sending their little high school darlings to these islands where drugs, alcohol and everything else run freely. What's wrong with the educational trips to Washington, D.C., the way they used to do? I guess that's too boring for the kids today.

LOWELL GREENBAUM is preaching to the wrong people. He is preaching about arts to a group of people, the commissioners, who have yet to master the king's English. Has he heard them speak in public? Evidently, he will know the arts are not high on their list of concerns.


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