Originally created 08/20/05

Blame liberals for gas prices

As I write this letter, gasoline prices in the Augusta area are about $2.50 per gallon - and rising. In most other areas of the United States, prices are even higher. For those of you wondering whom to blame, I suggest you examine the liberals in Congress.

Every year since President George W. Bush took office, the liberals, along with some so-called moderate Republicans, continue to increase our dependence on foreign sources of energy by blocking most of his energy plan from becoming law. By fighting against drilling for oil in a tiny portion of Alaska, for example, liberals are helping create a drag on the nation's economy. Obviously, if Congress and the president don't act soon, our current strong economy will again fall into recession, and possibly worse.

So why won't the liberals in Congress agree with President Bush, and pass a sensible and effective energy bill? My theory is that liberals, many of whom are Democrats, celebrate the soaring prices! They believe that, if our economy suffers as a result of these outrageous prices, they will stand a better chance of regaining a majority in Congress in 2006 and, most importantly, the White House in 2008.

Isn't it sad that all Americans must pay increasingly higher prices at the pump because of the stubbornness of liberals? Their only hope is that the economy will crumble, enabling them to blame President Bush and the conservatives for supposedly doing nothing to help the millions of impoverished Americans who are struggling with outrageous gasoline prices.

As consumers, our only hope is that somehow the liberals in Congress will change their twisted view, to help prevent our economy from losing ground. But if I were to hold out hope on that, I would be a fool. Meanwhile, I guess conservation of gasoline is our only choice.

Richard Rogers Jr., Evans


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