Originally created 08/20/05

Goldberg speaks from bitterness

How unfortunate that Bernard Goldberg was given a public forum to comment on the career of Peter Jennings ("End of an era," Aug. 9). It's unfortunate because Goldberg is a second-rate journalist who has written a second-rate book, while Jennings was the quintessential news reporter whose passion was fairness, truth and getting the story right.

Poor Bernie. He's like the jilted lover left at the altar. Only in his case, he never made it to the altar. He was abandoned at the door to the church of public acclaim when his career waned. Now he's an aging, angry wanna-be making a grab for attention by launching a new career as the darling of the conservative media, who are using his book and radio and TV appearances to further their own agendas.

Bernie Goldberg was in the same profession as Peter Jennings, but wasn't in the same class. Goldberg couldn't carry Jennings' notepad, let alone critique his outstanding career.

David Lorenzatti, McCormick, S.C.


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