Originally created 08/20/05

Commission has its bottom-feeders

I've written this before, but it's worth repeating. To paint all of the Augusta Commission with the same brush is not fair and not warranted. We have some goods ones, some bad ones and some in-between.

I believe commissioners Barbara Sims, Don Grantham, Tommy Boyles and Jimmy Smith are good, hard-working people with the public interest foremost on their minds. I would put my trust in them.

Second-tier commissioners are Andy Cheek and Bobby Hankerson. They remind me of former President Clinton in that they have no convictions; they jump on and off any bandwagon that passes by. I would not trust them.

Next are commissioners Betty Beard and Richard Colclough who are controlled in thought and word by Mayor Pro Tem Marion Williams.

Mr. Williams' knowledge of proper English would cause a sixth-grader to cringe, but it does say a lot about him. He should be supporting a community that stood by while he bilked the Board of Education out of $230,000 for worthless property, and then rewarded him with a taxpayer-paid vacation in Hawaii. He shows his appreciation by his efforts to destroy the integrity of our local government.

Mr. Williams, without doubt, is absolutely at the bottom of the barrel, and he has taken Mrs. Beard and Mr. Colclough with him. We survived our latest convicted felon, state Sen. Charles Walker, D-Augusta, so we should be able to survive these bottom-feeders.

M. Don Williams, Augusta


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