Originally created 08/20/05

Exhibit A

Cindy Sheehan claims that if the United States just leaves Iraq, and Israel leaves "Palestine," then terrorism will end.

Tell that to the people of Bangladesh. Or the Philippines. Or Indonesia.

These and many other countries have had little or nothing to do with fighting terror in the world, but are experiencing it nonetheless.

Bangladesh - a Muslim country - was rocked by nearly 400 synchronized explosions in nearly every city or town of significance on Wednesday. Authorities believe radical Muslims bent on a fundamentalist Islamic government for Bangladesh was behind it, given the al-Qaida trademarks and the menacing Islamist leaflets that were left at the scene of a number of the bombings.

This was not righteous indignation against George W. Bush. This was what terrorists do: They destroy and kill and try to inflict mass hysteria on peaceable people.

"These are symbolic blasts calculated to send a larger message across to the government and the political establishment to radicalize Bangladeshi society further," Sanjay Bharadwaj, an expert on Bangladesh at India's Jawaharlal Nehru University, told the Hindustan Times.

As much as Cindy Sheehan and others protesting in Crawford want to make George W. Bush the enemy, the people of Bangladesh know better.


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