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Adema will show its evolution after playing for troops in Iraq

When singer Luke Caraccioli joined the California rock outfit Adema last year, the band already had earned its first gold record and built a reputation based on the tortured vocals of original front man Mark Chavez.

That's a hard spot to be in.

Mr. Caraccioli has embraced the opportunity as a fan and a musician grateful for the chance to help an established band evolve.

Adema performs Saturday at Last Call, 2701 Washington Road. The date is part of the Girls Gone Wild tour, and the public nudity home video series will be filming willing women at the show.

"The way I feel about this is that people will be surprised, but pleasantly surprised," Mr. Caraccioli said in a recent telephone interview. "We feel like this band is writing better songs and that any kid that gives it chance will love it."

Mr. Caraccioli, who gravitates toward melodic crooning as opposed to his predecessor's primal-scream style, said his more studied approach has changed Adema's tonal quality. He said it's a change that probably would have happened had he joined or not.

"When I came in, this music for this album (Planets, released in April) was already laid down," he said. "This is the direction the band had chosen to go in. Sure, it was a challenge, but this is a band that has proven itself over and over."

Adema traveled to Iraq in the spring to play for American troops. Mr. Caraccioli, a former Marine, said that kind of experience can't help but leave a mark.

"I don't know if we're a different band, but we're certainly different people," he said. "When you go over there, see what's going on and meet people that live with the idea of laying down their lives, it does something. I know it has brought us together as a unit."

A unit, Mr. Caraccioli said, that he would like to see continue to expand and evolve musically.

"As I see it, there are no rules, limits or recipes," he said. "We want to play stuff that makes us happy. We're just going to rock."

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In concert

WHAT: Adema, with Revelation Theory and Alston

WHEN: Saturday

WHERE: Last Call, 2701 Washington Road

COST: $12 in advance, $15 at the door. Advance tickets available at Last Call and Somewhere In Augusta; call 738-8730.


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