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There are still a few holes left in our postcard map

"Travel is the frivolous part of serious lives, and the serious part of frivolous ones."

- Anne Sophie Swetchine

Summer's entering the home stretch, and we still need postcards from a few states to make our annual goal.

Connecticut, Idaho, Kansas, Massachusetts, Nebraska and Rhode Island are still on our need list.

If you're going to any of those places in the weeks ahead, don't forget to write.

These folks didn't forget:

Gene and Lynette Snell and Honda (their puppy) are enjoying Fort Wayne, Ind. "We traveled over 700 miles on the motorcycle in a day. Hot up here, too."

The Warren Baptist Mission group is working with children in Chang Mi, Thailand.

Donna from Watkins Street in Augusta is taking a weekend vacation and having fun on penny slots at the Gold Moon Casino in Choctaw, Miss.

Rosie Brown from Thomson sends a card from Niagara Falls.

Elaine Wilcher, of Louisville, says she left Augusta on July 11 and arrived the same day in Eugene, Ore.

Martha Kate Berry is in Baltimore to celebrate Independence Day. "What a historic place."

Joyce Steiner, of Evans, sends greetings "from above the Arctic Circle in the northernmost town in Sweden."

Mitchell and Joni Church, of Augusta, send a card from Michigan, where "we took a week off to visit my wife's mother in Muskegon."

"Briar Creek" John sends a postcard showing Halfway, Ore. He writes. "This is my old hometown. Had a very enjoyable visit with old friends."

James and Joni Long are in Ottumwa, Iowa, for a family reunion. "Corn is knee-high. Enjoying this low humidity."

Rob and Jack Evans and their father, Wally Evans, are in Portland, Ore., to attend the wedding of Will Evans, the boys' brother. "The beach scenery is spectacular, but water is too cold for swimming."

Got a summer trip on the way? Drop me a card at 725 Broad St., Augusta, GA 30901.

You'll be glad you did.

TODAY'S JOKE: My friend Rob is moving to Alabama, but before he left he offered 10 tips that a redneck has been working on your computer.

10. Monitor is up on blocks.

9. Outgoing faxes have tobacco stains.

8. Six front keys have rotted out.

7. Extra RAM slots have truck parts installed in them.

6. Numeric keypad only goes up to six.

5. Password is "Huntin'."

4. CPU has a gun rack mount.

3. Skoal can in the CD-ROM drive.

2. Keyboard is camouflaged.

1. Mouse referred to as a "critter."

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