Originally created 07/04/05

Get facts on Iraq liberation

To anyone who says that liberating Iraq is an injustice, here are the facts that led to forces liberating Iraq:

- Saddam Hussein and his regime had been given every possible opportunity to obey U.N. resolutions and to disarm. Instead, he chose to defy and lie.

- When President Bush offered Saddam 48 hours to disarm, 18-wheeler trucks were seen via satellite entering Syria from Iraq. Reports say that WMDs were inside.

- Saddam's regime murdered more than 100,000 Iraqi citizens, as well as those within his regime!

- Fourteen years of negotiations and numerous violations of U.N. resolutions and trespasses into the no-fly-zone warranted this liberation. Also, America is not getting one drop of Iraqi oil; that oil is being refined for the Iraqi people.

Dan Leonard



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