Originally created 07/03/05

Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:

RANT TO RON CROSS. The cost of your colorful inserts in our water bills would cover the cost of cleaning the drainage ditches at our homes in Martinez, and now you want to spend millions on an arena. Shame on you.

THIS IS A RANT for the Columbia County Commission. I have lived in Martinez for 45 years. We have gotten along just fine without a sports center. It seems to me that if this is such a great idea, some entrepreneur would have jumped on it a long time ago. We don't need another hole to pour our tax money into.

THE RICHMOND COUNTY Board of Education had to do something to Paula Baker. They believed allegations, not facts. They had to make the investigation worthwhile.

HOW SAD! A PRINCIPAL is reprimanded for doing something in the best interest of students, and even the superintendent admits the action was not unethical nor sinister! No wonder Richmond County principals are discouraged.

I am furious! How dare Congress vote themselves a $3,000-plus pay raise when the teachers of Columbia County get 2 percent from the state and their insurance goes up 9.5 percent? Something is seriously wrong with this picture!

THIS IS A RAVE for Mr. Joseph Fulwood Jr. It takes a lot to give up a chance at quick freedom, but what Mr. Fulwood did (handing found weapons over to authorities) was a decision for the best. Keep making decisions like this, Joseph Fulwood, and you'll be out of there in no time.

WHERE HAS OUR government in Washington been that they have allowed China to build up their armed forces to the point that we're worried now about the submarines and so forth attacking our carriers? Where have we been? We've been over in Iraq fighting a useless war. I'm telling everyone right now: We should not have taken our eyes off of Red China and Russia. That is a bad, bad thing.

THIS IS TO GENIUS in the Rants and Raves this morning. Geniuses do not pat themselves on the backs, and that is well known. All our geniuses and scientists did not pat themselves on the back for credit.

THIS IS FOR THE YANKEE who thinks he's a genius. He may want to check with his peers. He may have a rude awakening.

THIS IS ABOUT the commissioners going to Hawaii. People in Bobby Hankerson's district don't have anything to worry about. He does not have a clue why he's going, but he's going to help the voters. Marion Williams, on the other hand, all he knows is he's going to buy Hawaiian shirts.

I WISH WE COULD PAY to have those four commissioners stay in Hawaii for several months or longer. We could really get some constructive action accomplished.


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