Originally created 07/03/05

Peasant skirts flatter all shapes

AMARILLO, Texas -- Meet your new best friend: the peasant skirt.

No matter if your thighs are a little wide, your belly too round or your waist sometimes hard to find, this summer trend will work to your advantage.

"It's very flattering," said Vicki Shankle, of Riley Blue clothing store. "Any body type can pull this off."

For women with flat tummies and lean hips, the skirts with a rolled waistband can show off their assets.

Unlike the broomstick skirts of yesteryear that featured tight, vertical pleats, today's peasant or tiered skirts have horizontal layers, said Adrea Pearson, of Raffkind's clothing shop.

Most of the skirts come in a variety of vibrant colors.

Ms. Shankle suggests pairing the skirt with a tank top in a different, bold shade.

"It's a great way to wear them with another bright color and maybe pulled together with flip-flops in one of the two colors," she said.

"It looks more like an outfit if you add a belt and matching shoes."

The skirts can be dressed up by adding high heels, belts or nice shirts.

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