Originally created 07/03/05

Pricey jaunt is shameful waste

I have a question I would like someone to answer. On Dec. 27, 2004, my wife, daughter, sister and two grandchildren - ages 16 and 11 - went to Hawaii for nine days, stayed at a great hotel on the beach, had great meals, rented a car, bought lots of presents and had a great time - all for way less than $10,000. Now, four Augusta commissioners and one clerk want to go for three days for $14,443.25.

My question is: Whom do I have to pay to be the city's travel agent to spend a lot more time finding lots more useless trips, while law enforcement gets less and less money? ...

I used to stick out my chest and tell people I lived in Augusta. Now I tell people I live in Hephzibah, and hope they do not know we are part of Augusta

Cecil Long, Hephzibah


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