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Richmond County property transfers

Here are the Richmond County property transfers for June 10-16. The date indicates when the transfer was recorded in the clerk's office:

Ethan W. Andrews and Jennifer J. Andrews to Jennifer J. Andrews Living Trust dated ... and Jennifer W. Andrews Trust, June 10, Section III, Lot 7, Block D, Montclair

Henry Millwood and Henry J. Millwood to Donelle Millwood, June 10, Half interest in Lot 15, Block F, Magnolia Heights

Jeff Keller IRA, Jeff Keller and Jeff W. Keller Jr. to Freddie H. Philpot and Janet M. Philpot, June 10, Section II-B, Lot 22, Block G, Sand Ridge, $93,500

Kenneth Lee Labrack to Kenneth Lee Labrack and Amy Lee Holbrook, June 10, Parts of Lots 60 and 61, Block B, Luckys

Lucy P. Murray, Lucy Patterson Murray and Ned Robert Murray to Julia R. Knox, June 10, 0.31 of an acre, Plat Book B1 Page 1043, 2426 McDowell St., $350,000

Brent Richards to Lloyd A. Hedlund and Vicki A. Hedlund, June 10, Parts of Lots R and S, Block 7, Fleming Heights, $10,000

RW Renovations Inc. to Michael J. Schriver and Doris S. Schriver, June 10, Section II-A, Lot 1, Block G, Sand Ridge, $99,900

Martha E. Brown to James A. Howell III, June 10, Lot 19, Block D, Quail Hollow, $45,000

Helene M. Marcano and Debbi W. O'Neil to Mario C. Villarreal and Debra Villarreal, June 10, 4.55 acres, on the south side of Brown Road, Plat Book R121 Page 1906, $152,000

Blounts Complete Home Services Inc. to Robbie M. Brown, June 10, Section II, 3428 Merrimac Ave., Lot 2, Block C, Sutton Place, $118,000

Carole U. McDaniel and David L. McDaniel to Christopher Eriksen and Jennifer S. Eriksen, June 10, Section II, 2916 Mayfair Court, Lot 9, Block F, Greenbrier, $188,000

Eagle Building and Development Inc. to Bernadine Mays, June 10, 1906 Lobelia Lane, Lot 24, Block A, Phase Two, Cypress Pointe, $105,900

Reba D. Carmain and Reba Denney Carmain to Deborah L. Sightler, June 10, Lot on the west side of Maddox Road, Plat Book R34 Page 43, 4018 Maddox Road, $55,400

James A. Franklin to Harris P. Robinson, June 10, Section IV, 4512 Ridge Run Drive, Lot 6, Block E, Phase IV, Pinnacle Place, $149,900

Otis William Luke Jr. to Roy Ivey Luke, June 10, 1 acre, on the west side of Wrightsboro Road, 3966 Wrightsboro Road, Exception, $20,000

Gregory Thomas and Mazella J. Thomas to Shedrick Lee Lundy, June 10, Unit 2, 4407 Seago Road, Lot 18, Block B, Phase I, Alexandria Estates, $126,000

John Duncan and John S. Duncan to Melody San Jose Palo, June 10, Section V-A, 3644 Crawfordville Drive, Lot 11, Block G, Buckhead, $109,900

Neil S. Jones to John J. Gruttaduaria, June 10, Lot 4, Bennock Mill Road, Plat Book R1 Page 980, 857 Bennock Mill Road, $64,500

Matthew Kinsinger to Pedro P. Hoyos Salcedo, June 10, Lot on the north side of Watkins Street, Plat Book 15M Page 496, $150,000

Amelia G. Self and David L. Self Jr. to Joseph R. Neal Sr., June 10, Section III, Lot 2, Block 19, National Hills, $92,000

Reserves LLC to Phyllis W. Toler, June 10, Parcel A, 2014 Reserve Lane, Lot 6, Phase I, Reserves, $123,900

Harry C. Sherman to Chris C. Carlson, June 10, Unit B1, University Doctors Building Condo, $95,900

Nordahl Homes West Inc. to Patricia J. Haun, June 10, Section 1A, Lot 8, Block A, Breckenridge, $134,900

Kenneth Smith Homebuilders Inc. to Brian D. Young and Tanya D. Young, June 10, Section VII, Lot 12, Block I, Walton Acres, $186,200

Robert J. Jurrus and Velma L. Jurrus to Lisa R. Patterson, June 10, 3 acres, on the west side of Old Waynesboro Road, Plat Book R302 Page 228, $157,500

Ramona C. Hill and Willie B. Hill Jr. to Lynn W. Dean, June 10, Section One, Lot 72, Oakridge Plantation, $130,000

Lynette C. Yarbrough Watts and Troyano R. Watts to Avis B. Smiley, June 10, Section III-B, Lot 75, Block G, Breeze Hill Plantation, $121,600

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. Trustee and Pooling and Servicing Agreement Series 200 to Nathan D. Barrette and Crystal L. Barrette, June 10, Lot 7, Plat Book R130 Page 2571, $75,000

BJA LLC to Christopher Aaron Hayes, June 10, Section I, Lot 9, Block L, Glenn Hills, $54,600

Hilda G. Bennett and Hilda G. Thomas to Edward Grey Meybohm Jr., June 13, Section 1, Lot 2, Block J, Emerald Bay, $70,900

Jennifer Cook to Kathryn E. Lacrue, June 13, Lots 5 and 6, Block B, on the east side of Thompson Drive, Plat Book 14M Page 555, $16,000

Nordahl Homes West Inc. to Joseph David Ruhl, June 13, Section 1, Lot 9, Block C, Cameron, $146,900

Nordahl Homes West Inc. to Eric W. Torres, June 13, Section 1, Lot 4, Block C, Cameron, $158,900

Tonya Moore Snead to Ayodele Abel Ayedun, June 13, Lot 1, Block F, Forest Park, $108,900

Charlene M. Stahl to Ryan P. Mitchell, June 13, Section 3, Lot 21, Waters Edge, $85,000

Andrew Carr and Andrew Carr Sr. to William F. Blunt, June 13, Apartment 5, Building 2, Westchester Condo, $74,900

John C. Morris and Judy A. Morris to Michael C. Hendry and Jenny M. Hendry, June 13, Apartment 4, Georgetown Club Court, $73,000

Rena W. Skinner to Paul Davis, June 13, 0.6 of an acre, Plat Book R69 Page 111, $20,000

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Deanna Stewart, June 13, Lot 22, Block A, Sanderling, $129,400

Jerold Smith and Patricia Smith to Willie E. Stewart, June 13, Lot 9, Block A, Hidden Hills, $82,900

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Tereek Roseman, June 13, Lot 70, Block A, Pinehurst, $96,900

SDA & Associates Inc. to Phillip Davis, June 13, Section IV-B, Lot 3, Block C, Forest Estates West, $75,000

Carlos C. Tan and Corazon C. Tan to Amy M. Sprague, June 13, 0.896 of an acre, Lot 12B, Block D, on the northeast side of Dewey Gray Circle/J. Dewey Gray Circle, Plat Book B676 Page 522, $535,000

Christine May to Brian Douglas Romer and Karen L. Romer, June 13, Lot 10, Block A, National Woods, $112,000

Sherman A. Lambert to Tug Properties LLC, June 13, Lot 9, on the south side of Calvary Drive, Plat Book 14L Page 299; and part of Lot 21, Block E, Plat Book 10O Page 373, 118 ..., $4,000

Alex P. Keller III and Martha H. Keller to Gordon S. Williford, June 13, Section II, Lot 6, Block E, Greenbrier, $97,000

Charles Preston and Patricia Preston to Eileen E. Faucette, June 13, Section V, Lot 1, Block B, National Hills, $124,900

Swartz & Brough Inc. to Edith F. Stuckey, June 13, 2021 Virginia Ave., Lot 19, Block F, Fleming Acres, $30,000

W.E. Stuckey to Georgia Kelly and Timothy Davis, June 13, 1992 Piedmont St., Lot 4, Block E, Southlands, $70,000

Tricia A. Connolly and Tricia Connolly Leslie to Craig Spencer, June 13, 1405 Springfield Court, Lot 5, Block B, Springfield, $97,000

William M. Brown to Lita Michelle J. Kitchens, June 13, Lot on the northeast corner of Walton Way and Peachtree Road, 2749 Walton Way, $553,900

John P. Stapleton Jr. and Sharyl R. Stapleton to Earl Hazel, June 14, Lot 25, Block D, Spanish Trace, $77,000

Nina B. Inman to Nina B. Inman Living Trust dated May ... and Nina B. Inman Trust, June 14, Lot 4, Block C, Aumond Place

Betty Mae Riley and Nathanul Riley to Nathanul Riley and Betty Mae Riley Re..., Nathanul Riley Trust and Betty Mae Riley Trust, June 14, Lot 42, Block 48, Turpin Hill

Vincent Edward Metelski to Vincent Edward Metelski Living Trust and Vincent Edward Metelski Trust, June 14, Plat Book B983 Page 1914, Deed of correction, Lot 33, Highland Farms

Barbara Bohannon and Barbara A. Bohannon to Cynthia D. Barnhardt, June 14, Section 1, Lot 1, Block I, East View, $56,000

Rubye G. Hart to Marguerite M. Mosner, June 14, Lot B, Hickman Road, Plat Book 8G Page 437, 1314 Hickman Road, $89,000

James G. Hahn to Theresa K. Sipsy, June 14, Lot on Harding Road, Plat Book R81 Page 1615, 224 Harding Road, Lively Heights

Leon H. Tate to A&P Investments LLC, June 14, Section VII, 3138 Truxton Road, Lot 49, Block B, Bellemeade

James W. Nesmith to Jeffrey Allen Scott and Mary Ulm Scott, June 14, Lot 15, Block C, Sheffield Place, $159,000

JW Greenway Co. to Joseph R. Fiveash, June 14, Lot 15, Phase V, Alexander Commons, $148,900

High Pointe Investment LLC to Channele F. Lovett, June 14, Lot 36, Block C, Phase II, Spread Oak Plantation, $22,000

Edna D. Bell to Roy T. Gamble and Cheryl K. Gamble, June 14, Lot 17 and part of Lot 16, Block E, Country Club Hills, $239,900

Robet Schaffer to Joseph D. Wetherbee, June 14, 8.149 acres, on the east side of Hephzibah-Keysville Road, Plat Book R151 Page 14, $42,000

Ann R. Hagge and Ann R. Neal to Reginald D. Williams, June 14, Section III, Lot 24, Block A, North View, $98,900

Kenneth Smith Homebuilders Inc. to Margie R. Collins, June 14, Section IV, Lot 37, Block G, Walton Acres, $196,900

Joyce Wireman and Roy Wireman to Mikel E. Folsom and Tonia B. Folsom, June 14, Section II, Lot 22, Block D, Georgetowne South, $43,900

Niambi G. Williams Stephens to Dejuan A. Barnes, June 14, Lot 1, Block C, Morgan Road, Plat Book 38X Page 183, $64,000

Julian Miller to David E. Hollan, June 14, Section V-B, Lot 34, Block H, Waverly, $295,000

Lacey L. Cherry, Kevin B. Owens and Lacey C. Owens to David C. Jenkins, June 15, Section V, Lot 12, Block W, F.R. Miles, $82,900

Johnnie G. Johnson and Laurel M. Johnson to William Henry Nolin and Bridget S. Nolin, June 15, Unit I, Lot 8, Block A, Kingston, $147,900

Towneclub Partners LLC to Celso G. Bolet and Ligia L. Bolet, June 15, Unit 2649G, Lot 25, Towne Club Condo, $79,900

Hilda G. Skelley to Theodosia R. Martin, June 15, Section III, Lot 17, Block A, Goshen Plantation, $134,900

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. Trustee and Pooling and Servicing agreement dated April ... to Robert B. Chaplin, June 15, 1 acre, Parcel 3, on the north side of Tubman Home Road, Plat Book 27V Page 601, $29,900

George W. Lansdowne Jr. and Mamie H. Landowne to Edward A. Porubsky and Ann Claiborne, June 15, Section Two, Lot 32, Block C, Conifer Place, $515,000

Robert L. Owings to Roderick W. Buck, June 15, 2310 Woodbine Road, Lot 14, Block C, Lakemont, $153,900

Kay A. Crawford and Reginald Q. Crawford to Jozell Lovett, June 15, Section II, Lot 10, Block A, Salem West, $15,000

Milton Burroughs Jr. to Darrell Walden, June 15, Lot 3, Block B, Bedford Heights, $75,900

Nordahl Homes West Inc. to Daniel E. White, June 15, Section 1, Lot 25, Block A, Cameron, $136,900

Pinnacle Properties Inc. to Stephanie T. Eicher, June 15, Section 1, Exception, Lot 1, Block A, Pinnacle Place, $12,500

Gary C. Bostic to Brightstream Networks LLC, June 15, Lot 27, Block A, on the south side of Fitten Street, Plat Book 5R Page 141, $6,500

Nancy Ellison and Annette Seals to Mae Bell Property Investment and Rent, June 15, Lot 7, Block E, Green Forest Village, $15,000

Jack W. Maddox to Cheryl J. Maddox, June 15, 2413 Brentwood Place, Lots 13 and 14, Block D, Fruitland Estates

Kenneth B. Clack to John P. Keilholtz and Angela K. Taylor, June 15, Lot 5A, Hancock Mill Plantation, $59,000

James Alexander Warren and Joyce Ann Warren to Jackie N. Poss Harmon, June 15, Section III, Lot 17, Block F, Windsor Lake, $40,000

Mart L. Smiley and Martin L. Smiley to Mae Bell Property Investment and Rent, June 16, Section III, 2729 Deen Ave., Lot 31, Block A, Glenn Hills, $17,000

PRN Revitalization Inc. to Roy S. Bender III and Ruth A. Bender, June 16, Lot 4, Block Z, Thomas Woods, $74,900

Frank M. Mosely to John P. Hitchcock, June 16, Part of Lot 6, Block E, Lakemont, $60,000

Judy H. Dunn to Francois Savoy, June 16, Lot on the north side of Greene Street, 1229 Greene St., $15,000

Jackson Watkins Family Partnership and William L. Watkins Jr. to Augusta CSRA Habitat for Humanity Inc., June 16, Plat Book B801 Page 1074, Corrective warranty deed, 2013 Jordon Circle, Part of Lot 8, Block A, Fleming Acres

C.T. Lord to Chad Feuerhahn, June 16, 1706 Kentucky Ave., Lot 62, Fairmont, $7,000

Robert M. Cortes and Santha L. Cripe Cortes to Thomas R. Gaines and Doris G. Hughes, June 16, Section 2, Lot 35, Block A, Forest Park North, $88,000

John C. Weaver Homebuilders Inc. to Michael Y. Walker and Lee A. Walker, June 16, Lot 1, Block A, Phase I, Arcadia, $218,800

Lottie E. Bradway to Garel Molen and Sara A. Molem, June 16, Lot 28, Block M, Fleming Heights Re-Sub, $49,300

Jack H. Milton Jr. to Richard R. Shepard, June 16, Lot on the east side of Ridge Road, Plat Book 18U Page 249, 2352 Ridge Road, $88,000

Marc Smith to Susan S. Novak, June 16, 2926 Running Creek Lane, Lot 13, Block B, Creekview West

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Aaron M. Taisey, June 16, Section 5, Lot 71, Block A, Pinehurst, $109,900

Anna M. Waller to James F. Norvell Jr. and Jacinda N. Norvell, June 16, Lot 9A, Bourne Place, $145,000


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