Originally created 06/14/05

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

WHEN RUSSIA INVADED Afghanistan, the U.S. government told the American people the Russians were fighting freedom fighters. Now with the U.S. government invading Afghanistan, they tell us they're fighting insurgents. But obviously they're the same people. Propaganda. It's a beautiful thing.

HURRAY FOR THE CHRONICLE for keeping the spotlight on Charles Larke and his slippery ways. Please don't let up on this issue. He hides behind Mechelle Jordan and dodges his responsibility to treat the community and school system employees fairly.

DEMOCRATS OF Richmond County, don't fret about politics. It is all decided for the party at the Lowell level.

THIS IS TO THE PERSON complaining about the rebel flag: If this man is not bothering anybody, why go to his house? Now when you start paying his mortgage payment you can go to his house and tell him what he can fly in his yard. If he's not bothering anybody, leave well enough alone. Nosy neighbors.

AS YET IN THIS once great nation it is not illegal to fly any flag. If you don't like your neighbor's banner, don't look at it. Better yet, leave.

RANT FOR THE PERSON complaining about the Confederate flag in the neighborhood. Last time I checked, this was a free country and not communist China. If you don't like the flag, what is keeping you from moving?

TO THE LADY PRINCIPAL at Murphey Middle School, I think it's cool you're going to offer the kids different electives like cosmetology or cars or whatever. As long as those electives keep them in school, they're the right thing. Maybe they'll make it to high school that way.

HOW STUPID do you have to be to believe Charles Walker did not do anything wrong? It is no wonder he got elected again with people like this voting for him.

I JUST WOULD LIKE to say in light of the Charles Walker case and everything that's going on in Augusta, the city, state and seemingly the nation, together we stand, divided we fall. We can see if we don't change, this nation is going to fall if the people don't start coming together. We all have to get on one accord.

WITH MONEY NEEDED for so may other important issues, now local taxpayers are being assessed payment for Hawaii vacations for commissioners. Is this ultra-wasteful, liberal spending or not? What can they expect there to help them accomplish better government here in Augusta? Fact is, it is only to reward them for a shoddy performance here at home.


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