Originally created 06/13/05

Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:

THIS IS IN RESPONSE to the person that wrote about the rant in Sunday's paper about the board of education. I've had the same problem with the summer school program. It's a shame how unorganized they are. Every time you call down to the board of education, no one seems to know.

TO THE PERSON WHO wrote such a nice message about giving sex offenders a second chance, we are not talking about girls lying about their age, but young children, incest. Wake up and think.

I'M CALLING ABOUT the commissioners who are using the taxpayers' money to go to Hawaii for a conference. Why don't they just give everyone in Richmond County and Burke County and the surrounding area a chance to go to Hawaii, too, if they've got all that time and money? Let everybody go to Hawaii for a conference. That way we can all get our opinion put in.

SAYING GOODBYE TO MR. Walker is a real good start. Now if we can say goodbye to Marion Williams, Betty Beard and Willie Mays we'll have a good government then.

CHARLES WALKER, TAKE your punishment like a man, just like Robin Williams has to. You did not hear about how many blacks or whites were on his jury. You do the same.

IN RESPONSE TO WHAT I HEARD on the news. If James Brown's statue is so ugly, how do you explain the Civil War soldiers' statues, whose only claim to fame was trying to split the nation so they could remain slaveholders? James Brown is very charitable toward Augusta while the tobacco growers/slaveholders depleted the land and its people.

THE LIVING HISTORY PARK wants to thank all the volunteers for the Colonial Times event. The City of North Augusta also helps maintain its properties as well and should be included this time.

IF CHARLES DEVANEY can do anything at all to alter or improve the manner in which those commissioners do business, it would be a welcomed blessing. Furthermore, to select an acting mayor prior to an election we need not look any further than who pulled the most votes in the last election of commissioners. That would make the top choice Commissioner Don Grantham. Why can't those folks, on occasion, do anything right?


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