Originally created 06/13/05

Sunday is not the true Sabbath

In her June 5 letter ("Honor Sabbath as intended"), Stephanie Wilson states that it is time for the CSRA to review the Fourth Commandment to realize the inappropriateness of secular activities on Sundays.

She uses the words "Sunday" and "Sabbath" interchangeably, as though the words are synonymous. However, a careful review of the Fourth Commandment will reveal that the seventh day of the week, Friday sunset to Saturday sunset - according to biblical reckoning of days - is the true Sabbath day, not Sunday. The Bible knows nothing about Sunday being "the Lord's day." Sunday is one of the six working days God has given men for labor before resting on the Sabbath. It is no sin to work, shop, eat out or play ball on Sundays.

By three divine acts, God made the Sabbath: He rested on it; he blessed it; and he sanctified it. The Ten Commandments, of which the Sabbath command is the longest and most detailed, were written by the hand of God on tablets of stone, signifying their eternal and unchanging nature.

Jesus and the apostles faithfully kept the seventh-day Sabbath. Man, even by a majority consensus, cannot keep a day holy that God did not make holy. We can only, by God's grace, keep holy the day God has made holy. ...

Carl E. Young


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