Originally created 05/27/05

Planned Parenthood is just no good

Regarding Mary Beth Pierucci's letter of May 13 ("Organization prevents need for abortion"):

She finds it remarkable that people don't focus on all the supposed good done by Planned Parenthood. Focusing on the good that Planned Parenthood does would be akin to focusing on what a serial killer's day job was. No amount of good can justify killing innocent babies.

As for Ms. Pierucci's reference to "anti-choice extremists," I am not sure who she is referring to. Perhaps there is a group of rapists who don't believe in a woman's right to abstain from sex, but I know of no pro-lifer who shares that view. The confusion that the so-called pro-choicers have is where the "choice" ends. No one has a right to choose to do something that is wrong. ...

Ken Dendinger, Augusta

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