Originally created 05/26/05

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

THIS IS A RANT for the people who buried the cow in the Richmond County landfill. First of all, they said the cow could not get up. Did it have mad cow disease? The USDA should find out who these people are and trace this cow. I will personally contact them. This is blatant cruelty and needs to be resolved by the authorities.

MY HEART WAS BROKEN when I read the story of the two men dumping an injured, nondead cow in the Richmond County solid waste facility. Don't they know all animals have feelings and hurts just like they do? Both these men should be fined and do community service for many hours. It would have been so easy to call a vet to euthanize it.

THIS IS A HUGE RANT for Randy Teasley at Richmond County Animal Control. Anytime there is an animal in some kind of distress and it's caused by humans is cruelty! How dare you and the police say that there is no law broken? That was my daughter that witnessed that horrible incident. She was raised to love and respect animals, and I'm sure she won't forget it. God forbid I get put into a rest home and you run it. Just please do me a favor: Make sure I'm dead before you dispose of me.

A BIG RAVE FOR ALL the crappie that bit my hook at Clarks Hill this spring and ended up in my frying pan. ... I love you!

WAIT JUST A MINUTE. Charles Larke says the cost of graduations could rise if students choose to have graduations in school stadiums. Wasn't it Larke who insisted they have them in school stadiums and bought all the equipment to do that? Richmond County schools will never improve until Larke is gone.

IT'S MY UNDERSTANDING that the state of Georgia is now charging $40 more per month on its health insurance plan for all smokers. Since the center for disease control has already established that obesity is now equal to cigarette smoking as far as percentage of people suffering from chronic illness and death, is the state of Georgia going to charge everybody that's obese or overweight $40 more a month?

VOTING IS YOUR responsibility as well as your right. Don't forget to vote in the special election on June 21st! There are critical items on the ballot that affect your wallet, so wake up and go vote! Don't whine later if you don't like the results! We can't keep pointing fingers at officials if we are too lazy to make our voices heard. If you don't vote, you are silently telling them that they can do whatever they want with your city, your county, and your money.


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