Originally created 05/26/05

Smoking ban is breath of fresh air

Although I live in Aiken, S.C., I want to thank Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue for signing the smoking ban for public places.

While I acknowledge that smokers do have the right to smoke, I also have the right not to smoke. When I am in a restaurant that allows smoking, to me it stinks from outside before I have even opened the door. Initially, exposure to the cigarette smoke gives me a headache. After 2 to 3 hours, the smoke makes me physically nauseous, and on several occasions this has led to vomiting.

However, I would have no problem with a compromise: better ventilation systems; separate enclosed areas for smokers; and allowing smokers to smoke on an outdoor patio.

Many may argue that if a business allows smoking, then I can choose not to support it and shop elsewhere. This is a valid point, but why should I have to limit my options so they can have a nicotine fix? It is cheaper, healthier and overall more pleasant and convenient not to smoke. Why not quit? I did. You can, too.

Deanna Trier, Aiken, S.C.


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