Originally created 05/25/05

Get fire chief with sense, not degree

I'd like to jump in on this fire chief business. So now a person must have a college degree. Where did these clowns come up with that idea?

What a good fire chief needs more than anything is good old common sense. Interim Fire Chief Howard Willis has just that. I don't believe the bunch that hangs out at the Marble Palace knows what common sense is.

They don't seem to realize what they were elected for: service of the people. They go outside of our beloved county to get someone to operate the various realms of our government.

Maybe we, the residents of this wonderful city, should go outside of our county for our commissioners, for we sure as heck don't have any.

The good people of our fair city deserve better - much better. We need leaders. We do not need the attitude of racism and "it's my way or no way."

Arnold J. Throckmorton, Hephzibah


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