Originally created 05/25/05

Remember what we're fighting for

Tracy Williams Jr.'s letter in the May 17 Chronicle ("War in Iraq causes rifts here, abroad") clearly indicates that he is devoid of knowledge of military strategy.

Unless he was in a coma, he should know that, before 9-11, Islamic extremists were launching global terrorist attacks, and many of them targeted Americans and their allies. They have publicly stated on many occasions that Allah wanted them to annihilate all infidels.

Our military planners continually analyze threats to our national security, and prepare plans to counter them. These strategic plans usually look as far as 10 years ahead. The plan to engage the terrorists in the Middle East, where most of them are located - and at the same time remove the dictators who harbored them - was one of the smartest plans ever developed by our strategic planners. The only thing lacking was a president with the courage to implement it. ... We should thank our lucky stars that President Bush had the courage to order its implementation.

Failure to fight would have been an open invitation to terrorists to strike Americans just like they have been hitting Israelis for years. These anti-war protesters apparently are unable to comprehend what it's like to be afraid to go shopping for fear of some suicide bomber blowing himself up while you are in the store.

Of course, if we had not gone to war, and terrorists continued to infiltrate the United States, these same protesters would be the first to denounce the president for failing to protect them. This is why soldiers have to remember that they are fighting for the majority of Americans who support our president and our troops, as well as those who have their heads buried in the sand.

Thomas L. Lamb, Augusta


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