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LOS ANGELES - A Carl's Jr. commercial starring a scantily clad Paris Hilton frolicking with a water hose is too hot for a media watchdog group.

"This commercial is basically soft-core porn," said Melissa Caldwell, research director for the Los Angeles-based Parents Television Council. "It's inappropriate for television."

The Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday that the group plans to mobilize its more than 1 million members to protest and is considering asking the Federal Communications Commission to declare the ad indecent.

The commercial shows the hotel heiress and reality TV star vamping in a revealing swimsuit as she soaps and rinses a black Bentley. She also takes a bite out of a Carl's Jr. hamburger.

The commercial for the jalapeno-laden "Spicy BBQ Six-Dollar Burger" ends with Hilton's signature tag line, "that's hot."

"Paris was chosen to star in the ad because she is an intriguing cultural icon and the 'it girl' of the moment," Brad Haley, marketing chief for Carl's Jr., said in a statement issued before the commercial began airing last week.

"She fascinates Carl's Jr.'s most loyal customers, 'young, hungry guys,' as well as 'young, hungry gals,'" Haley said.

The company is known for its racy television ads, one of which featured a woman eating a burger while riding a mechanical bull. Another starred Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner and several Playmates.


NEW YORK - Donald Trump wasn't fired up about ABC's "Trump Unauthorized," the made-for-TV movie about the real estate mogul. He was sorta looking forward to it.

"I'm sure it's a beauty," Trump told reporters following the live finale of NBC's "The Apprentice" last week.

In "Trump Unauthorized," Justin Louis stars as The Donald, Katheryn Winnick as his first wife, Ivana, and Jennifer Baxter as his second wife, Marla Maples. The biopic's focus is less on Trump's reality TV success and more on his bankruptcy woes and personal life.

"It looks like there's plenty of sex involved," said Trump. "That's for sure.... It's pretty wild. The commercials make it look like it's 'Desperate Housewives' plus two."

"Trump Unauthorized" was to air Tuesday night.

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LOS ANGELES - Jared Padalecki knew better than to count on his new drama being picked up by a TV network. "Young MacGyver" never made it on the air.

"From the 'MacGyver' pilot having so much buzz and then not going, you kinda learn that in this business you've just got to do your work and put it out there and it's done," Padalecki said. "If more work comes your way, great. If it doesn't, there's other stuff."

So it came as a happy surprise when "Supernatural" was picked up by the WB for the fall season. "Supernatural," which also stars Jensen Ackles ("Smallville"), traces two young, good-looking brothers who fight evil ghosts.

Playing a ghost hunter couldn't be any stickier for Padalecki than his role in the movie "House of Wax."

"They ended up not using wax because wax doesn't look like wax on camera. Or something," the 22-year-old actor told reporters recently, according to AP Radio. "They ended up using a cold food preservative, sort of a jelly, watery substance that rinsed off."

Padalecki is familiar with working on television.

"The week or two before I was going to go back home and start school, I got a little show called 'Gilmore Girls,'" he said. "It was a four-episode guest star. And four episodes turned into one season, turned into three, turned into four, turned into five."

"Supernatural" will follow "Gilmore Girls" on Tuesday nights.

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LONDON - Brittany Murphy was star-struck when she saw pop star Madonna at the British premiere of film-noir thriller "Sin City."

Madonna arrived with her husband, British filmmaker Guy Ritchie, for Monday's screening in Leicester Square.

"It's probably the second time I've ever been star-struck in my life," said the 27-year-old actress, one of the movie's co-stars. "She's my idol. If I meet her at the party I will shyly and meekly shake her hand."

Clive Owen, Mickey Rourke and Michael Madsen - who star alongside Bruce Willis and Benicio Del Toro - also attended the premiere, along with co-director Robert Rodriguez.

Adapted from Frank Miller's graphic novel about a wicked metropolis filled with tough guys and gorgeous dames, "Sin City" has been praised for its noirish, computer-generated imagery and criticized for its nonstop violence.


STOCKHOLM, Sweden - Brazilian pop star and Culture Minister Gilberto Gil has received the Polar Music Prize from Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf at a ceremony in Stockholm.

German romance singer Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, the other winner of the 2005 prize, wasn't able to attend Monday's event.

The Polar Music Prize was founded in 1989 by Stig Anderson, manager of Swedish pop group ABBA, through a donation to The Royal Swedish Academy of Music. Each prizewinner receives $137,000.

The academy cited Gilberto, 62, for his "unflinching creative engagement in bringing to the world the heart and soul of the rich music of Brazil," and called him a "unique composer powered by immense talent and curiosity."

Last year's prize was shared by B.B. King and Hungarian-born composer Gyoergy Ligeti.

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