Originally created 05/21/05

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

A HUGE RAVE TO THE GUY who took a few minutes of his time to move a turtle safely across Davis Road Wednesday afternoon. An enormous rant to the uncaring jerks blasting their horns and scowling because they had a two-minute delay in their commute. God sees the good in those who treat his creatures humanely!

REGARDING Duncan Fordham: Yes, what he did was wrong and he should pay for his mistakes, which he will, but people do deserve second chances.

I SEE THAT GEORGIA POWER has obtained permission to increase our power bills by 7.9 percent for fuel price increases. Pray tell, why would they use fuel to produce the electrical power when they have Plant Vogtle and all those hydroelectric sources? They used this excuse while Plant Vogtle was being built to run the diesel generators in peak summer periods. Why would they need these generators now?

DEAR PARENTS, DON'T WAIT until the fourth nine weeks to become concerned about your child's promotion. You had all year to be involved, so it is a bit late to panic.

MAKES ONE WONDER IF the alligator on River Watch was trying to get to Comcast or Delta to complain about rates!

I WENT TO THE OPENING of Star Wars last night and would like to thank the Regal staff for a professional attitude. The fans were also very orderly and courteous. The movie was great, and a good time was had by all.

NEWSWEEK 16, Republicans 21,705. You win again!

THIS ARTICLE IN THE PAPER really makes me nervous. I know that the fire trucks are first responders, but you cannot totally depend on them to do it all. When they have a fire and a 911 call, who goes where first? Augusta commissioners are not thinking straight. I can only hope that there is more to this story.

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