Originally created 05/21/05

Headline on story was misleading

In his column May 9, Bill Kirby says we should not be upset at the school that punished a boy for talking to his mom on a cell phone. The mom was stationed in Iraq, and the boy refused to hang up.

Mr. Kirby says we should not be upset. He says the boy was punished because he became angry and used profanity when asked to hang up. Mr. Kirby is right. The boy's behavior should not be tolerated.

Then why are people upset? Maybe it's because the headline read "Call from Iraq gets student suspended." And the first line of the article read, "A high school junior has been suspended for the rest of the school year for refusing to end a cell phone call from his mother, who is a solider in Iraq."

Maybe if the headline had read "Boy punished for becoming angry and using profanity," the public would not have become so upset. But, then, that wouldn't sell many newspapers, would it?

Eric Treesh, Hephzibah


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