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NEW YORK - Everybody loved Raymond - but don't look for Ray Romano to star in another network sitcom.

"You know, I think I've done that," Romano said in an interview with Fox News Channel's Alan Colmes that aired Wednesday and Thursday. "As far as network sitcoms go, that's my legacy. So I don't want to touch that."

Instead, the star of "Everybody Loves Raymond" said he plans to get back to standup comedy and possibly do an HBO show in the future.

"Something like on HBO, it seems intriguing," he said. "I want to curse. Nine years. It's been nine years since I've cursed on camera."

Though the 47-year-old actor-comedian said he won't be returning to CBS, a spinoff for another character on the show may be in the works.

Ray's sad-sack brother, Robert (played by Brad Garrett), and his wife may be moving in with her parents in Philadelphia, "but it's just in the talk stage now," Romano said.

Though Monday's series finale was filmed months ago, Romano said he still hasn't adjusted to life without a steady job - and doesn't plan to.

"The unemployment thing is quite a drop... it hasn't sunk in quite yet. I'm not worried financially, but I have to get out of the house. I have four kids. I need a job."


NEW YORK - Wouldn't you bet on a horse named after your son?

When Giacomo, the 50-1 long shot named after Sting's 9-year-old son, won the Kentucky Derby May 7, the singer didn't have any money down - but his wife did.

Trudie Styler, who is married to Sting and has four children with him, turned $500 into $25,000 by betting on the horse. Giacomo is owned by Jerry Moss, the co-founder of A&M Records, which signed Sting's old band, the Police, in 1978.

"On the day of the race, we were backstage in New Hampshire and my wife called and said, 'You'd better watch the television because our son is racing,'" Sting told Rolling Stone magazine in its latest issue. "Then she said, 'I'm gonna put some money on it.'"

As for the winnings, Sting says it might already be gone.

"It's my wife's money," he says. "And she's probably spent it already."

Giacomo will race Saturday at the Preakness, the second leg of racing's Triple Crown. He sits with significantly better odds at 6-1.

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CANNES, France (AP) - In "Broken Flowers," Bill Murray plays a former Don Juan who tracks down four old flames - one of whom is played by Sharon Stone.

Murray has fielded many questions at the Cannes Film Festival about how things went with the "Basic Instinct" star, who smolders in her role as a seductive and bubbly mom.

"It was just a movie scene, it wasn't the real deal," said Murray, deadpan. "We'll see if we hook up down the road.... You know, she does those movies where you kill people. You gotta watch out for her."

Joking aside, Murray said he admired Stone for her energy and professionalism.

"She came in like she was fueled by nitroglycerine," he said. "She came in really strong, and it was really intense from take one. She really goes for it."

"Broken Flowers," written and directed by Jim Jarmusch, is among the strongest in the lineup of 21 movies in the festival's main competition. Awards will be announced Saturday.

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