Originally created 05/20/05

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

It is better to place an AD in the paper for free puppies or kittens to a good home than to let them run the streets, getting hit by cars and stealing newspapers right off people's porch.

I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW why, before they started interviewing fire chiefs for this city, they didn't put forth a list of what's required before they let these people on the list to be considered to be interviewed? They should have known they didn't have a four-year degree. I'm surprised they didn't want God Almighty to come down and be fire chief.

IN THE AUGUSTA CHRONICLE Rants and Raves, I read where they said the Democrats put their opinions in the Rants and Raves because they're afraid to sign their names. Well, it seems like the Republicans are doing the same.

A BIG RANT for Commissioner Hankerson when he was telling the black candidate for fire chief that this was a city like no other city and implied that white people were racist. You can read it upside down, sideways; it all comes to white people are racists. The only thing he said that was even true is this city is like no other city. It would be great if they got rid of the bozo commissioners.

AS A CONCERNED PARENT of a student at Cross Creek, how is it that a child who was kicked out of Cross Creek High School in his junior year and put in alternative school his senior year (which he never attended) gets to graduate and walk with this year's class of 2005? Dr. Larke, you said you were fair. This doesn't sound fair to me.

I'M TIRED OF PEOPLE PUTTING down Duncan Fordham. He's a really good man, and he did not do anything wrong. People think they know the facts, but they were not there. If they were there in court, they would hear that it's not as bad as people think it was and they got all their stuff wrong.

HERE IN BELVEDERE IN our subdivision, we live on private property, not pirate property. My husband's truck was broken into last night. It's not a good feeling when someone invades your private space. So, law enforcement officers, we thank you when do patrol our areas at night.


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