Originally created 05/14/05

Man uses God as measure for 'normalcy'

Before "cool" got hip, it just meant chilly. Jeff Myers hopes that someday people will hear "normal" and think "godly."

The environmental engineer from Aiken has started I'm Normal, a cyberspace ministry with a green frog as a logo. FROG is an acronym for "fully reliant on God."

He also has business cards, bumper stickers, hats and lapel pins that say "I'm Normal." Mr. Myers leaves the cards in motel rooms and with tips to servers. They carry the address for his Web site, www.imnormal.com, and open the door to his sharing his faith in a friendly way.

"You never know when or where that seed is going to grow," he said.

When he was growing up, Mr. Myers' family practiced the Golden Rule, but it was not Christ-centered. Religion seemed like a hobby or an option, one he didn't need. After he became a born-again Christian about five years ago, he started questioning his old ways of relating to people.

What was routine activity before didn't work for him anymore. It didn't seem "normal." If this is not normal, what or who is, he asked.

Mr. Myers wondered how he could change until he came to the realization that "God is normal," though he had to keep reminding himself of it at first.

"Being normal is having a committed relationship with God's Son, Jesus Christ, and obeying His Word," according to Mr. Myers' Web site.

If there isn't a fixed set of standards, everything is chaos, Mr. Myers said, explaining why he picked the Bible as his measuring tool.

"It is a filter, a way to ground myself when things are going out of control," he said.

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