Originally created 05/14/05

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

FOR THE READER who asked why Robin (Williams) paid less than Duncan Fordham: Duncan, as a pharmacist, had to sign something that says do no harm when he got his license to be a pharmacist. Williams didn't.

THIS IS A RANT for MCG health care providers. It doesn't say a lot for the institution when you have to walk through everybody in their smocks standing around smoking cigarettes. And I got to drag my oxygen tank through all that secondhand smoke. And they're supposed to be the ones making me healthier. Needs to be some improvement there somewhere. Maybe they can take a hint from Columbia County and Sonny Perdue and make that a nonsmoking campus. It would make everybody healthier, the patients and the employees.

A RAVE TO THE Master Gardeners who put on the Plant Trade/Sale at Pendleton King Park. It is always a great event, one I look forward to every year.

THIS IS A RAVE about the PTO of Greendale Elementary School in New Ellenton, S.C. Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week. Monday and Tuesday we had room service breakfast items; on Wednesday, lunch was served to us; and Thursday, we had room service dessert items served; and Friday, leftovers. Thank you so much PTO and volunteers for a wonderful job! From the faculty and staff of Greendale Elementary School.

AS MUCH AS Augusta needs a new Civic Center, there is no way I would vote to build it with that bunch of pinheads that are in control now. It would just be something else they would screw up.


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