Originally created 05/14/05

Commissioner is an obstructionist

It seems that our not-illustrious Mayor Pro Tem Marion Williams does not subscribe to the "make every vote count" concept.

When he walks out of a meeting to reduce the number required for a quorum, the votes of the other members do not count. His supporters justify this as simply an accepted judiciary move similar to a filibuster. This is like comparing a dead skunk to a dead weasel. They both stink.

The last thing Mr. Williams did for the community was to orchestrate the sale of property in which he had an interest to the Richmond County Board of Education for $50,000 more than the appraisal. The details of that little shenanigan would really be interesting.

A prospective employer looks for a political climate that is suitable and reasonable. As long as we have Mr. Williams and his two clones, commissioners Betty Beard and Willie Mays, we are dead in the water. Hopefully, the voters will put their prejudices aside and retire these three malcontents.

M. Don Williams, Augusta


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