Originally created 05/14/05

Robin Williams' hubris is appalling

Regarding the May 6 story "Williams is guilty on all 17 charges": Robin Williams should be elected poster boy for the greedy and the dishonest, and for those who are seemingly unable to accept any personal responsibility for their actions.

Chronicle staff writers quote the convicted Williams as having said, "After they got finished beating up on me, I felt pretty bad about myself." Apparently, this statement tells us that Williams did not feel bad about himself while he was stealing money from taxpayers and those needing the services of the Community Mental Health Center of East Central Georgia. It took getting caught, charged and convicted to make this man "feel bad."

After further consultation with his legal counsel, Williams probably will put on a show of repentance before the sentencing portion of his trial. Let's hope the judge sees Williams as just another cheap crook who is sorry he got caught, not for what he did. Forgiveness is God's prerogative, not a federal judge's.

Frank Lariscey, Evans


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