Originally created 05/14/05

Give police a proper facility

It's time to wake up, Augusta taxpayers, and I'll tell you why.

It's public knowledge that the Richmond County jail is in very bad shape. Why wasn't the contractor held responsible? Why did inspectors pass the building? We have leaking roofs falling on detectives' desks. On a daily basis, water is in the basement, and sewage and mold is everywhere.

My question to our governor, mayor and our zoo Augusta Commission: Why haven't you made an inspection before now? Would you work under such trashy conditions?

Also, why have our deputies and jailers not been given a raise in the past three or four years? Do you realize these people put their lives on the line for us every day, not knowing each day the calls they'll face, or if they'll live to go home to their family after each shift change? As taxpayers, we owe them a raise, not the commissioners who can't even work together.

Before you put an arena at Regency Mall, why don't you instead put the jail and courts there instead? Also, taxpayers were told that a new jail would not be built at Phinizy Road. 'Fess up!

Augusta is the second- largest city in Georgia, yet our police department is underpaid, especially jailers and deputies. Why does the police department have such a high turnover?

Taxpayers, speak up for our deputies and jailers. God bless them all for protecting me and my family. I grew up in a police family; I know the stress and fear they face daily for us.

Tina Cloer, Augusta


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