Originally created 05/14/05

Jury convicted a good-hearted man

I am so tired of people bringing pharmacist Duncan Fordham's name down regarding his recent conviction for health-care fraud. If you do not know this man, then you could never know how much of a good-hearted man he is.

My 9-year-old boy has serious heart problems. He was selling cookie dough to win a prize for school. Duncan bought all he had left. It made me cry to see the great big smile that Duncan put on my boy's face.

Duncan is always helpful, and gives you good advice when you or your child becomes ill. You can walk in his drugstore anytime and get treated with respect by all. If we lose this drugstore because the real thief, Robin Williams, brought everyone down, it will be a great loss for this community.

Duncan is not a thief. He is an honest, good-hearted working man. If you do not know this man, take a minute and go by and meet him, and I bet you would change your mind.

We need to pull together as a community and defend him in any way we can, because he is not guilty, and without Duncan we would be in trouble, because no one can beat his courtesy, staff and prices, and that friendly feeling when you walk in his store.

For a man who helps the poor and needy all he can, how could someone dare say he stole from the poor? They have it all backward. He helps the needy. I know this is true, because he has helped me and my children, and I've seen him help other people. So please, people, give him a break.

Dulcie Rios, Hephzibah


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