Originally created 05/13/05

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

THERE IS NO CRIME IN accepting a lucrative contract, no matter who it is with. The mental health center is a business just like any other hospital. The pharmacy contract was offered to others, but they declined. Why? Not enough money in it for them.

I LIKE IT, I LOVE IT, I want some more of it. Send the bad guys to jail or make them spend all their ill-gotten gains on staying out of court.

A SUPER-fantastic rave to Sgt. 1st Class Cesar Tricoche and Staff Sgt. Tony Mitchell. My husband and I were driving on Gordon Highway Saturday and saw the flag that is faded and torn. I remarked that is was a disgrace to allow our American flag to fly in such a deplorable condition. The owner of that Video Smut Store should have to pay to have it taken down. This flag deserves to be treated with the same respect as the many brave men and women who fought and died so he could peddle his smut. The article says the firefighters were prevented from helping Sgt Tricoche take down the flag because it was on private property.

STUDENTS WHO STILL carry cell phones inside a school in Richmond County: another name for people not intelligent enough to follow rules.

I THINK THERE SHOULD be a law that keeps all the sex offenders locked up together in a small jail cell, and when they get the urge to strike again on an innocent, helpless child, they won't be able to. Who decided to set them free in the first place? I think we need new laws made or new people in the system that will do something about it!

WHAT WAS THE JURY thinking when they convicted Duncan Fordham? He is the best thing that ever happened to the mental health center. The only thing he is guilty of is turning a losing business into a profitable one for the state.

IN THE RACE FOR CITIES to get attention, Augusta is off to a good start for the year: The victim of a national crime is from here, two nationally wanted sex offenders were caught here, the death of two children got national attention, there was the aftermath of the Graniteville train wreck, Lance Armstrong made a major announcement from here while about to start a major bike race, and, of course, the Masters. Now if we'd gotten a local boy elected pope, we'd really be in the league. Can you see it ... ?

This is a rant for Augusta Commissioner Marion Williams. Mr. Williams, I see that your friend who you so wholly supported, Mr. Willie Brown, was convicted of forgery (in the aquatic center case). And you said it was racist. Who's the racist now? You go, John Barksdale.

WELL, PRESIDENT BUSH'S stepped-up security since 9-11 has done nothing to deter terrorism, which hit an all-time high in 2004, but he has successfully deterred billions of dollars in international tourism from entering American pocketbooks. Good job, Mr. President.

In response to the rant about drivers with animals in the front seat, I often take my dog for rides on errands, and he loves it; and yes, he sits in the only passenger seat in my convertible. He has a seat belt and is under control at all times. I feel sorry for animals who never leave home to experience such fun.

WHAT Shameless arrogance not to mention in your conservative rag that Robin Williams is a Republican.


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