Originally created 05/12/05

Senate must stop filibuster tactics

A deadly dance is going on in the U.S. Senate. There is a huge political vortex swirling around the Democrats' unprecedented use of the filibuster to basically veto any Bush judicial nominee they claim is extremist. Extremist, far-right, etc. are code words for someone who actually adheres jurisprudentially to the literal Constitution and not to flaky precedents by judges who ignored the Constitution and precedent to legislate a new morality for our country.

The Republicans under Sen. Bill Frist have been making threats to void the filibuster for judicial nominees because it is actually unconstitutional. But, of course, everything is negotiable in the Senate. They really don't care that more than half of the U.S. population have been patiently trying to undo legalized abortion, a horrible decision that the Supreme Court created out of their fertile imaginations more than 30 years ago.

And now we hear that some spineless "moderate" Republicans are trying to buy into some deal with the devil to allow the Democrats to use the filibuster anytime they invoke the term "extreme" over any of President Bush's judicial nominees, or any nominee for that matter, while supposedly allowing a few to get through.

The Constitution says that only a majority vote is needed to approve, not a supermajority, making the use of the filibuster against judicial nominees unconstitutional. The filibuster itself has been added by the Senate, and is not found in the Constitution, so of course it can be changed at any time according to the whim of the senators.

If one party is allowed to get away with the unconstitutional use of the filibuster, it will force the other party to do so as well, leading to a serious erosion of the integrity of the U.S. judicial system. Void the filibuster, Republicans. Pull the trigger.

Bill Thompson, Augusta


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