Originally created 03/16/05

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

EVERYONE IN OUR OFFICE would like to complain about the red light at the intersection of Broad and 15th streets. You can never tell if it is red or green. It apparently reflects the sun and if the sun is not directly on it, you can't tell what color it's on. This is going to cause an accident if it hasn't already.

THIS IS A BIG RANT TO the county commissioners, the mayor of Augusta, Sheriff Ronnie Strength or whoever is responsible for Augusta's fire and police departments. How about seeing that these brave men who are putting their lives daily on the line for all of us get a decent and just salary? I recently did the taxes for one of these men and was appalled how little they are earning. Come on, Augusta. Wake up.

THIS RANT IS ABOUT the totally obscene amounts of money doctors and dentists are ripping people off for. Just when did a license to practice medicine or dentistry become a license to steal?

I'D LIKE TO ADDRESS the concern about the rant about Columbia County turning into a south Augusta. I resent that comment because there are professional people (lawyers, doctors, business owners, nurses, teachers) who live in south Augusta and who live in nice, beautiful homes just like Columbia County. I don't consider south Augusta to be trashy. I resent that.

THIS IS A BIG RAVE for the Columbia County Recreation Department and the Greater Augusta Sports Council for all the hard work and success they had hosting the CITGO Bassmaster event last week. It was incredible. They did a wonderful job. I hope their efforts are recognized by the community. They did a wonderful job. Everybody spoke of how great they did.


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