Originally created 03/15/05

Jane Pauley's daytime talk show canceled

NEW YORK - Jane Pauley's highly anticipated daytime talk show won't make it to a second season.

NBC Universal Television announced it was canceling "The Jane Pauley Show" shortly after getting ratings for the February sweeps.

The former "Today" and "Dateline NBC" host seemed like a sure thing after 148 of the nation's top 150 markets agreed to air her show before it even started, an unusual vote of confidence. But ratings started low and improved slowly.

"Fairly or unfairly, there were high expectations and it was nearly impossible to meet those expectations," said Bill Carroll, an expert on the syndication market for Katz Television. "When they were not met, it was perceived as unsuccessful."

Pauley noted that her audience has grown steadily since November "but it came far too late for too many (stations) to stick with us."


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