Originally created 03/03/05

Richmond County School lunch menu


TODAY: Chicken biscuit, hash browns or grits, fruit or juice and milk

FRIDAY: Pancakes with syrup, peaches or juice and milk *Steak biscuit and hash browns

MONDAY: Sausage roll, hash browns or cheese grits, juice and milk

TUESDAY: Scrambled eggs and cheese, muffin, fruit or juice and milk *Ham biscuit and hash browns

WEDNESDAY: Steak biscuit, juice and milk

MARCH 10: French toast with syrup, applesauce or juice and milk

MARCH 11: Manager's choice *Sausage biscuit and hash browns

*High schools only


TODAY: Lasagna or ravioli with garlic bread or ham and cheese, lima beans, garden salad with dressing, Italian ice and milk

FRIDAY: Taco salad with salsa or fish nuggets, Mexican corn, applesauce, cookies and milk

MONDAY: Beefaroni and bread stick or corn dog, peas and carrots, mixed fruit, fruit juice bar and milk

TUESDAY: Terriyaki steak strips with dip and biscuit or egg roll with dip, rice, broccoli, chocolate cake and milk

WEDNESDAY: Barbecue chicken and corn bread or cheeseburger, potato wedges, greens, fruit and milk

MARCH 10: Breakfast for lunch

MARCH 11: Cheese pizza or fish sandwich, green beans, baked fries, pineapple and mandarin oranges and milk

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