Originally created 03/02/05

Readers comment on band selections

The Sadistic Morons would make a heck of a name for a rock band. It's also what some of our readers thought of us when they saw the field and the pairings for the first week of our Great American Rock Band contest. Here are some of the best comments we received:

 •  "You are sadistic to make me (choose) between such great bands. To make a choice between Chicago and the Allman Brothers or The Eagles and Jefferson Airplane! It's been a very difficult thing to do, I think I'll have nightmares from this."

 •  "I thought some of the pairings were mind boggling. How am I supposed to choose?? Flip a coin, I guess."

 •  "Although I agree with most of the bands included on this list, I still have to say that whoever ranked them and put brackets together is an idiot. How can you have R.E.M. and Velvet Underground or Bob Seger and Steely Dan face off in the first round? And who in their right mind would include Live, The White Stripes, Linkin Park or the Counting Crows in a list among the greatest rock bands of all time?"

 •  "REO made this list, but not Styx? You people better clean your bong water once in a while!"

 •  "How can you leave Boston out?? Whoever did this is a fool."

 •  "After viewing all the entrants, selecting THE numero uno All-American Band was easy. My prediction is, when all is said and done, the envelope containing the winner's name will be handed over by the select accounting firm responsible for such tabulations and the announced winner will be - ta-da - The Grateful Beached Doobie Eagle!"

 •  "I just asked people to not instantly jump on the Skynyrd bandwagon, and am being chased down the street by a mob wielding pitchforks and torches. Save me Elvis, save me."

 •  "Well, you should be proud of yourselves. I have NEVER seen a response at work like this about a story in the (Florida) Times-Union. You may not know rock and roll (at least that is the general opinion here) but you certainly have found a way to make the paper a topic of conversation. I will now have to add rock and roll to politics and religion as topics to be avoided at parties."

 •  "I like how you pitted so many newer groups up against older ones. Nice job ...It was fun. But, putting the Red Hot Chili Peppers up against Sublime in the first round? Why don't you just rip my heart out?"


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