Originally created 03/02/05

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

I HAVE A RANT FOR ALL of the answering services instead of a human being when you call a business. I called the civic center, spent about 40 minutes on the phone, just wanting to talk to a human being to confirm an order. Never did get to a human being. I called the mayor's office, and thank God a human being answered. I know this is the age of technology, but it is ridiculous. Why can't organizations that really care about their organization hire somebody to answer the phone? This is a real, real problem.

THIS IS A BIG RAVE for The Augusta Chronicle's editorial on whining parents. It's time community and public agencies chastised parents who fail to assume their parental responsibilities. They want to have the children but they don't really want to be the parent who'll raise them. Teachers have to feed them breakfast, wipe their nose, take them out for recess, take them out for after school, keep them on Saturday. What are parents doing for their children? Let's make parents more responsible. They've lost all control and have given it up. They do not believe in discipline and it's time that parents were made responsible for their children's behavior, or they should have to pay the consequences.

I'D LIKE TO RANT ABOUT these doctors that schedule. It's not the doctors. It's the people in the office who schedule people every 15 minutes. I went to the doctor yesterday. I waited two hours and 40 minutes. I got into the room. I waited another 35 minutes. When the doctor came in he barely spent 10 minutes with me. I think something ought to be done. They should schedule the patients every 30 minutes and have a special morning every week to have the salesmen to come in.

A RANT FOR THE PARKS and recreation. I'm a single parent who loves to go out on Saturdays and Sundays with her five children. I'm ranting about why it is that we have to go all the way around Kissingbower to go to Pendleton King Park. I live on Olive Road. Why isn't there an opening for us who live in back to get into the park? That's because I often walk. It's a real nice place to be and I choose to spend my time there with my children, but they need to find another way to enter besides off of Kissingbower.

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