Originally created 03/01/05

Tips can end wardrobe blahs

When was the last time you woke up saying you had nothing to wear? How about the last time you made an "emergency trip to the mall" to update your wardrobe?

It happens, especially on those days when you don't want to wear the same old clothes or found that you were on the wrong side of a new style.

Is the solution really to go out and buy more clothing? Sometimes you can get creative and work with what you have. Try following these tips to help end your morning worries and be happier with your wardrobe:

l Invest in a few key pieces. The secret is that you don't have to spend a fortune on clothes but if you do, buy a few pieces that are versatile (meaning the outfit can be dressed up or dressed down) and can be worn during all seasons (or at least two).

l Mix and match. How about mixing some of your old with new? Take a new shirt, for example, and mix it up with jeans and a cute belt. Remember - fashions always seem to come back.

l Shop cheap! Don't get me wrong - the expensive department stores are the best and might even have the best quality, but you can go way over your budget. Here's what you do: Go into your favorite store and look around. Every store has a clearance section. Shop during the end of the season and you'll find great bargains.

l Wait awhile. If you really like something, wait a couple of weeks - most everything eventually goes on sale.

l Be unique. I hate having on the same thing as another person. After all, people will compliment you on something you are wearing that's different from what they have. Try a different blouse, wear unique jewelry, just be yourself and have fun with it. Not only will it give you more options with your current clothes and purchases but it also will help you avoid those fashion dilemmas.



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