Originally created 03/01/05

Teens find creative outlet, enjoyment through crochet

With its intricate stitches and difficult knots, crochet seems like an outdated hobby.

Lately, however, it's a pastime that's being taken up by teens, including Haley Archer, 15, a sophomore at Brentwood High School.

"I never really had a desire to learn to crochet until last year. While working at a summer camp, I saw a show on TV about Loretta Lynn," Haley said. "I found out that Loretta loved to crochet, and since I'm a really big fan of hers, I thought I would try it out."

Armed with plenty of free time, do-it-yourself books and a friend to help her along, Haley set out to teach herself to crochet, but she soon found out it is a bit harder than it looks.

"When I first started, it was a little awkward, but after a few tries I started getting the hang of it," she said.

After summer camp, Haley began several projects and started to fall deeper in love with her newfound hobby.

"I just really enjoy crocheting," she said. "It's truly fun and relaxing."

Haley said that she can be found in her room crocheting accessories for her friends and family.

"I find it grim that crocheting has become somewhat of a dying art," she said. "Our society seems to enjoy having things done for them. It's really easy to buy a scarf from the store, but it's more fun to make it."

Haley also suggests that crocheting can be a way to bond with others who can teach you the craft firsthand.

"Many (older) people know how to crochet, and I think it's great for kids today to learn from them," she said.

Although this might not sound like an entertaining idea to the average teenager, Haley urges teens to try it.

"If you want to learn (to crochet), don't frustrate yourself by reading hard-to-understand books," she said. "Try to find an older relative or someone else that can teach you the basics. Once you learn the basics, it gets easier."



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