Originally created 03/01/05

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

THIS IS FOR THE INDIVIDUAL who raved for the Augusta commissioners for appointing Chief Howard Willis and wondered how Chief Al Gillespie could ask for a severance package when he quit. It's simple. They didn't renew his contract. His contract stated he gets a severance package. Ask the commissioners why they didn't renew his contract when they put in there that he got a severance package if his contract wasn't renewed. Ask the commissioners, not Gillespie. He's entitled to it per the contract they hired him under.

I KNOW THE 401 Walton Way (the Law Enforcement Center) is not a historical site, but maybe someone can get into the inspectors who dropped the ball on that structure years ago. Maybe somebody can get into the building inspectors about that the way the historical society is getting on the people who own the Richmond Summit Complex. I'm pretty sure the problem with the roof situation at the 401 didn't start this year. Isn't that building supposed to get inspected every year? How much are they spending on inspecting buildings properly? Obviously somebody did not do the job.

I HAVE A RANT AGAINST the Public Works Department, the water company. I have been trying for three days to reach someone besides the machine on the phone. But I guess they have gotten like several other companies, where you cannot speak to them. Everything is automated. Sometimes you can't take care of it like that. And I can't get out, so for three days I've had the phone picked up in my face and put back down.


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