Originally created 02/28/05

My Big Sister

The person that inspires me the most is my big sister. Her name is Velvet Louise Fortson. She is twenty-seven years old, and has five magnificent children who are unique in their own special way. She has four little boys, (two of them are disabled) and one beautiful little girl. Velvet is a very intelligent, strong, will-powered, skillful, and creative young woman. I know you are probably wondering why I chose to write about someone that is not famous or big in black history. Let me tell you why she inspires me. She pushes me up to reach up higher and higher to my highest goals in life. Sometimes when I just do not think I have enough courage to do something, she always tells me reach into your soul and find what really lies within you. In other words, or to be more specific, she tells me to soul search. I consider that as inspiration.

I know you are probably wondering, "How is she an idol in black history?" Well, let me tell you why she is an idol to me. I love to write. She loves to write. Velvet writes poems and manuscripts and is working on getting it published. She says writing is the only thing that keeps her sane, with all the stress of children and two disabled sons. Her passion for writing entered her life at the age of seven years old. It is not just writing, when she writes, she feels her words! Her poems have passions and feelings in them. In spite of all her disappointments about her children, she never forgets the art of her affection, her writing. Anyone can pick up a pen and a piece of paper and write, but ask yourself, "Can I feel my words?" "Can I put myself deep into it?" "Can I hurt or cry from its sadness?" Writing is her inner strength. It motivates her to find the will to proceed to go farther in her life. This is why I say she is an idol in black history.


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