Originally created 02/24/05

Columbia County needs green space

I no longer live in Augusta, but I am a frequent visitor. Recently, my family and I went to the Visitors Center at the Augusta Canal and Enterprise Mill. The exhibit at the mill is fascinating and so well done that I look forward to taking friends and family there in the future.

Our trip down the canal in the Petersburg boat was extremely enjoyable and educational. Thanks to the forward-thinking citizens who ensured the canal would be preserved, with its natural beauty hidden from the city's traffic, noise and asphalt.

I would love to see Evans and Columbia County move in the same direction of preserving green space. I am concerned when I see the continued expansion of growth in the form of shopping centers and auto dealerships on Washington Road, with no sign of any attempt to preserve woods and other natural areas.

For example, Reed Creek in Evans seems to be hanging on for dear life, with the Hank Aaron Jaguar dealership building over it; no guarantee of preservation of the wetlands next to the dealership; and fecal material still apparently being dumped into it by a business in Columbia County.

I hope Columbia County's government will realize that protecting our environment is good for business and quality of life for all citizens, not to mention the birds and other animals that make our lives so pleasant.

Letitia Berlin, Albany, Calif.


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