Originally created 02/04/05

Jacksonville has strict bikini laws

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Bikini laws are pretty tight here.

"Full coverage of the buttocks" is required, according to city law.

Police hit different spots around town every weekend, checking to make sure everything is left to the imagination.

But this isn't at the beach. It's at the gentlemen's clubs.

Topless bars that serve alcohol don't exist in Jacksonville, at least not if the clubs are adhering to the law. If the booze is flowing, dancers must have bikinis on - and keep them on - no matter which president's head is on the bill the guy in front of her is holding.

Adult entertainment laws in Jacksonville are among the most restrictive in the country and are far and away the most conservative of any major city in Florida, those in the industry say.

So how will that sit with the more than 100,000 visitors - predominantly men - in town for the Super Bowl, who apparently don't have a problem paying hundreds, even thousands of dollars for a ticket to a football game?

"People expect a little more than girls dancing in bikinis when they come for the Super Bowl," said Lawrence Walters, an Orlando-based attorney who represents clubs across the state, including some in Jacksonville.

"You don't really see bikinis anywhere else in the country - certainly not in any other city that's hosting a Super Bowl," said Dave Manack, the associate publisher of E.D. publications, a company that publishes Exotic Dancer magazine, a national business magazine for the adult entertainment industry.

There are a few totally nude clubs in Jacksonville that don't serve alcohol, but the vast majority are the bikini bars.

Bikinis or not, they'll likely be packed this weekend if past Super Bowl cities are any indication.


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