Originally created 02/04/05

President's Iraq policy is justified

I have to make some comments to Anne Cook's article, "President's war agenda is evil" (Jan. 4).

I'd like to remind Anne Cook that any killing is evil. Has she forgotten 9-11? And has she forgotten all the other attacks on Americans that cost many more lives, and Clinton did absolutely nothing to stop it? At least President Bush did something and the majority approves of his actions. Despite what she thinks, he's got the mandate to finish what he started.

This "ungodly war" was started by terrorists and murderers who just believe in killing anybody who is not of the same religion they are. As American Christians, we have to stop that, and the question I have for her is: Does she support the terrorists killing Americans? It seems to me she does; otherwise, she would not write such an insulting letter.

I feel she is no longer welcome here in the United States, and the sooner she leaves the better. Go and live among the terrorists and see how long she survives.

As far as her grandson is concerned, God gave him life, and only God can take it away. Bush is not God, and has nothing to do with who gets killed or who will live. She and her grandson are still alive because of Bush's actions, and she must never forget that.

Don't mess with America, and may God bless America.

Robert B. Heynneman, Augusta


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