Originally created 02/03/05

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

DID YOU KNOW that more than 20,000 American troops have suffered serious injuries or died in the Iraq war, and 9 percent of our forces already have been made incapable of returning to battle? Have you listened to our leaders telling us that things are continuing to get worse over there, not better? When will we face the truth and bring our people home?

PRESIDENT BUSH MET with a few right-wing blacks to espouse that Social Security is racist against black people due to the fact that they do not live as long on average as white people do in this country. It should be obvious that what is racist is not Social Security, but the fact that black people are indeed dying sooner! This is a national tragedy. Bush proposes privatizing Social Security in the name of "anti-racism" with one hand, while driving more black people, young and old, into destitution by destroying the social services they rely on and by pushing the economy into a tailspin with his brutal, imperialist war against Iraq.

I WOULD LIKE to see the appraisal on the "value" of the former church building that Marion Williams sold published in the paper for all to see. Hopefully this so-called appraisal that was completed before was done by someone unknown to Williams, if not then may I suggest bringing in a Georgia state-licensed appraiser from another area to do a truthful and unbiased appraisal and then the "honest" commissioner could return the money that was in error due to an appraisal that was most definitely inflated.

I FIND IT BREATHTAKING how the government will pay child care for someone who receives a check from them but not help someone who actually works a full-time job.

WE WHO ARE AGAINST the new secretary of state are not unhappy with her gender or the color of her skin. We are against her Republican policies.

THIS IS A RAVE to Dr. Diane Gaffigan and her staff at Blanchard Woods Animal Hospital for the care they gave my cat in her last days of her life, along with the supportive care the family received. Thank you so much.


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