Originally created 02/02/05

Nation is generous to world to a fault

What will happen after America exhausts all its money taking care of the world, and rebuilding warring nations that have always been poverty-stricken? No matter how much aid we send, it will never be enough.

It's especially sickening to see those foreign men wearing T-shirts displaying the name and picture of Osama bin Laden as they accept aid from our military personnel who are risking their lives.

These countries are taking advantage of our generosity, using our money to rebuild and regroup, so they can restart their terrorist activities. America is easily duped into this, just as we fell into the trap of oil for food. Millions of dollars went to unscrupulous people.

Many other countries come forth with large pledges, but will they follow through? Have rich Muslim countries stepped forward in full force to give physical aid to their Muslim brothers?

Who comes forward to help us with our tragedies and devastations? We help our own.

America may be a wealthy nation, but it won't remain so if we continue to take care of the rest of the world and allow our borders to be open to anyone who wants a handout. We need to give our own citizens affordable health care.

Our schools are in need, and homeless people should not be on the streets. Our children should never go hungry or live in poverty. America is a great nation, and we should be looking at our own doorstep before trying to increase our prestige by attempting to buy respect of those who show contempt for us.

Our strength will come from within, and with a strong commitment to our own, we can retain the respect of our own citizens. ...

Doris A. Jones, Augusta

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