Originally created 01/31/05

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

I MUST RANT THAT WE may be in great danger if we don't get an air-raid-type siren system to warn us to access and listen for instructions on radio, TV and telephone. We need to educate the public to do this, once the siren system is set up. Sending out emergency vehicles to warn us by regular sirens and loudspeakers are not going to be specific enough attention-getters; we're too used to that kind of racket and tend to ignore those. Also, Reverse 911 is not going to help people working outside or that don't own a phone. I don't want to hear, "We should have ..." when it's too late!

PRESIDENT BUSH SAYS he feels the grief of the people in the U.S. who have lost loved ones in Iraq. That can't be true. He has no children there, no brothers or sisters over there, no uncles and aunts, no nephews. He has no one over there to lose. Have you ever noticed most of the presidents who take us to war have daughters? Yeah. Think about Nixon and all the other presidents. They all had daughters. He cannot feel the loss of a loved one unless he has experienced it. I know. I have.

A RANT FOR PEOPLE not pre-writing checks in grocery express lines.

WHAT HOPE DOES SPLOST have when our commissioners can't even decide if smoking is bad for you or not? Please, go to Hallmark. Buy a calendar. Smoking's been bad for you for like 20 years now.

THIS NEW SMOKING law has really hurt us at the bars in Columbia County. We have half the business we used to have. Thanks a lot, commissioners.

AFTER SEEING THE SNOTTY rant apparently from an employee of the Richmond County BOE, if that kind of attitude is the norm, then it's no wonder that our schools need help. We, the taxpaying citizens of Richmond County, really don't care if y'all have heat at the BOE. You're there because you want a job. Our kids are in school by law and have every right to classrooms warm enough that they don't have to shiver while doing assignments. So if you don't like this rant, BOE employee, why don't you quit and go to another county?

TO THE PERSON THAT told us to get over having no heat in the schools when the Castle on Broad Street didn't either: Remember, we are talking about children not having heat, not adults. Oops, sounds like you are a child. Think?

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